We’re restarting this because there were a lot of problems.


  • Must be following BOTH of my blogs, here and here (me) AND ofmice-and-pussy (we WILL be checking, liars won’t win).
  • Only reblogs count-the more you reblog, the better.
  • Follow us on instagram for a better chance to win-just message us for our Instagram usernames.
  • If this doesn’t get 50 notes, then it won’t even count.
  • Ends: August 16, 2014.
  • We will ship worldwide.


  • A Day To Remember crew-neck (large).
  • Man Overboard maroon hoodie (large).
  • Real Friends tyedye t-shirt (large).
  • Of Mice & Men t-shirt (large).
  • The Story So Far t-shirt (large).
  • Pierce The Veil red t-shirt (large).
  • Never Shout Never anchor t-shirt (large).
  • Bring Me The Horizon t-shirt (large).
  • Man Overboard floral print t-shirt (medium).
  • A Day To Remember white t-shirt (large).
  • Sleeping With Sirens t-shirt (medium).

Just message us if you have any questions. Okay, go!!



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that’s it. that’s the show.